A Sure Bet

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Christian Activism
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This earth will be conformed and transformed to the Father’s heart desires. There is freedom in this realization! I am freed and activated to move, to live and be a catalyst for love, goodness, and right-things not based on my faith. I can experience victory even through my faithlessness. I am commissioned and appointed to change this world because I know that this is exactly what Jesus prayed for. When I see a wrong, I am to make it right. When I see someone weak and down trodden, I am to help them up. When I see a pain, I am to do my best to heal it. When I see someone uncared for, I am to love them. When I encounter the hopeless I am not to give them my hope, I offer them the hope of Jesus. In doing these things I know that I have God the Father’s blessing. I am bringing heaven’s realities and making them real in this world. I can have zero doubt that I am in the center of God’s will. I know that I will succeed. How can I know this? Simply because I know that when Jesus prays God the Father listens. Jesus prayed that our Heavenly Father would transform this world and when He did reality changed. Jesus’ statement of faith ensured that this will happen. When I join Jesus in His mission to change the world I become the recipient of Jesus’ prayer. I become part of what Jesus is already doing. I am enveloped into the Heavenly Father’s plan to transform the world. I will make a difference, I will change this world! Oh, but it will not be because of me. It will not be based on my faith. This world will be changed not be because I believed. It will happen because I know Jesus believes it will! It is a certain reality.
Jesus’ faith transforms the unbelievable into reality. Scan the Gospels and you will see time and time again “unbelievable” things that Jesus made real: Jesus turned water into wine, He multiplied two fish and five loaves of bread into enough food to feed thousands, He healed people with incurable diseases, He enabled the cripple to walk, He caused the blind to see, He walked on water, He commanded the storm to cease, He brought the dead back to the living, He forgave sins, He knew what others were thinking in the their hearts, and as the grand finally of His life on earth, when Jesus was brutally killed and buried, He came back to life!!! When Jesus believes it will happen. It will become real. Count on it.

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