My Own Two Hands

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Creator of the Universe is an artistic creative, inventive genius! Everyday if I take the time I am stunned by another facet of this existence we live in. Around every corner there is something to be unveiled and discovered. Sometimes those amazing discoveries are not on far away journeys to distant lands. Sometimes they are close and familiar as the back of your hand. Point in fact, today my discovery was just that, the back of my hands. What ridiculously practical and beautiful inventions these appendages are. My hands and I have been through a lot together. Easily, with out much conscious thought I type these words, but I remember torturous hours my hands and I suffered in keyboarding class learning the exact positioning of my fingers. (Well, I’ll admit in my day it was typing class but many of my friends out there don’t know what a typewriter is)
I remember these fingers touching my wife’s face for the first time feeling her soft skin just an instant before our first kiss. I remember how awkwardly these hands held our tiny infant girl for the first time. I didn’t trust them with this fragile life. These fingers callused on the stings of my first guitar. They have blistered from shoveling concrete on a mission build trip to Mexico. They shook the hand of the family after we handed them the keys to their new home. My son and I used to have a secret handshake: a couple slaps, grabs and snaps. It was our thing that nobody else shared.
What amazing potential we have in using just these two hands. We hold things, touch things, pick things up, and interact with the world.
Consider this, the difference between an open hand greeting or a clinched fist. A symbolic representation of peace or an offensive gesture only differs with the use of one finger. Think of the worlds we can create, what we can accomplish or destroy with these hands. I wonder today what we could achieve if we allowed God to use these hands. Allow them to be His instruments. What if we allowed Jesus to be use our hands in His symphony of love?

What are your thought?

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