With Out Him It Would Mean Nothing: “Focus” Notes

Posted: December 13, 2016 in faith



Scripture: Hebrews 11: 39-12:3

The Why: We are continuing in a GREAT legacy! The baton has been passed on to us to finish the race. The What: Throw off our sin. It is weighing us down and holding us back. Run with perseverance God’s path for us. It is an endurance race! Endurance races take time to train and prepare.

The How: (consider and fix your gaze on Him) Use Jesus as your motivation:

  1. Jesus the Author: This all came from Him- This is His plan. This is His race.
  2.  Jesus the Perfecter: He was the one has finished the course. He ran the race flawlessly.

As the Author and Perfecter, Jesus has shown us how to do it!

  1.  See how He endured opposition from sinful men
  2. See how He endured the shame of the cross
  3. See how He ensured the pain of the cross See how Jesus now sits on the right hand of the throne of God

3 important things to note about “sitting at the throne of God”

  1. It was God’s great reward for Jesus’ faithfulness. Jesus ran the course to perfection.
  2. Jesus is now in the position to assist you with everything you need to run the race before you.
  3. God will reward you for running the race, in the same way He rewarded Jesus.

The Result: You will not grow weary or loose heart, the great cloud of witnesses have gone before, particularly your Lord Jesus! Follow the course they’ve run and finish strong

What are your thought?

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