About Gabe

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Christ’s disciple, missionary, communicator, activist & human being

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Gabe Swing.  God has certainly made my life an adventure.  It’s been my distinct honor to serve Christ in life and ministry since 1988.  He’s given me an amazing wife & family, and some awesome experiences along the way…

We live on Great Abaco, an Out-Island in the northern Bahamas.  We are here on mission to share Christ’s love with teenagers and pastor the church, Kirk of the Pines.  This is a wild place to live!  The juxtaposition of striking beauty and deep need can at times be overwhelming.

Have you ever wondered if God could use normal people?  Well, that’s me.  I will also share how God patiently moved me to join His mission to share His Love-

Have you ever daydreamed what it would be like to pack up the 9 to 5 life in suburbia for a Caribbean Island?  Of course I’ll share some of those experiences.  I’ll let you decide if the grass is really greener on the other side…

Expect the unexpected! Of course, if you know me, you can assume that there will also be some random observations of life in general.

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Connect with Me: OK- the best way is send me an email- gabeswing@gmail.com I know it’s antiquated, but living in another country, balancing multiple phone lines, cell phones, and etc can make things a little complicated.  I’ll get back with you- but please be patient & remember I’m on Island Time…    

Brief Bio: 

I believe there is no greater honor and privilege in life than seeing God change lives. That’s the unique honor I have had since 1988. I have had amazing opportunities to serve Christ in several great churches & ministries to students, families and emergent adults.

I speak & write in a visual, conversational style that hopefully connects and brings to life the truths of Scripture. I believe in God’s Grace!!!  My messages are saturated with it!  I believe that God’s grace calls individuals to action and personal ownership of their faith.

My family and I  are serving as missionaries to teenagers on Great Abaco, (an out island in the northern Bahamas.)

Disclaimer:  This is my personal blog. What gets posted here- will represent me, and me alone.  It will not perfectly represent the opinions of my wife, The Caribbean Youth Network, The Bahamas Youth Network, The Kirk of The Pines, American people, Bahamian people or my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  Please don’t judge any of these folks based on me!  I will try to represent them all as well as I am able- but I am a sinner saved only by God’s Grace.