What are folks saying about Gabe?

“I have worked with Gabe and would highly recommend him as a speaker for your event. He is a man of God and has a servants heart.”
David Edwards
Speaker Guy
President of Dave Edwards Productions
Check Out Davetown

“I’ve known Gabe since I was in High-school. He is one the major reasons I found my calling in music. He has been a close friend for many years and is one of the most creative people I know. He has the “gift” of communication and will serve anyone or church function well. I know very few people who have and give the amount of grace Gabe has shown me over the years.”

Kyle Dillard
Pastor of Mission City Church
& Former Elevate
the middle school ministry at
Willow Creek Community Church
Chicago Area, IL

“If you are looking for a servant that has vision, planning gifts, is a great communicator, loves the Lord and has a deep desire to serve in ministry I hope you will consider Gabe Swing.”

Allen Roes
2008-09 Moderator of the General Assembly
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
“Gabe communicates in a humble, creative, and down-to-earth way that is very effective. We really enjoyed having him speak at our church and will have him again. I highly recommend Gabe as a great speaker for any event you might have.”
Clark Daniel
Middle School Minister
Petal-Harvey Baptist Church Petal Mississippi

“Gabe Swing is an incredibly gifted speaker, preacher and teacher. He brings the Gospel to light in ways that every listener “gets”. It is a pleasure to be a listener when Gabe is teaching as he responds to the Spirit allowing himself to be used as an interpreter of God’s word, making relevant applications to life today.”
Georgia Krueger
President of Harris Krueger Consulting
Executive Director of the Ada Jenkins Center
“Gabe Swing is committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ to every
student he encounters in an era of busy schedules, broken families, and
growing up too fast- God speaks through his ministry in the most relevant of
ways. When it comes to the students he is called to minister to in a church
setting or at a conference for the weekend, he is a master communicator!

Todd Harms
Young Life Director & Pastor at Palmetto Shores Church
Myrtle Beach, SC

“We hired Gabe as a retreat speaker for our church youth group. He was excellent. He was able to really engage our teens and his message was superb!  Not only did he engage well with our teens but he also was a part of our creative worship team and often filled in preaching for our lead pastor when he had to be away. All ages in our congregation of over 1200 were impacted by Gabe’s dynamic speaking abilities.”

Courtney Roes
Missionary with Greater Europe Mission
Check Out Roesgarden

”It was my pleasure to serve with Gabe on a creative planning team and I would regularly think, ‘Wow where’d that come from?? How’d he think of that?’ He’s an exceptional teacher/speaker and is great at illustrating something you’ve heard a million times in a unique way, giving you something fresh to think about. He’s not afraid to try new things/ways to relate to his audience…repelling from the ceiling onto the stage, painting a picture during a service, wearing any number of crazy costumes (the list goes on and on), while keeping the Good News upfront and central. His ability to leverage the culture of our day thru music and media in communicating makes him relevant to teens and adults. His love for God is on display in quiet but concrete ways. Creative, versatile, funny, relevant, provocative, highly innovative…this is Gabe Swing.”

Tracy Grubbs
Creative Arts Chick
Lake Forest Church
Huntersville, NC


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